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Real life experiences and happening in Lifestyle Design. The people I meet or unexpected happenings in my life designed process.


The Entrepreneurs Dilemma

Dilemma |diˈlemə| noun A situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially equally undesirable ones: Saying no to things in life you’d enjoy, want to grow in, or do and build your business, or say yes to those things and suffer risk of never making any big growth […]


Force Rest, or Die a Slow Death

…notes to self this is so important, if you don’t force your mind away from your work [both reactive and proactive] for an hour a day, you’ll become entangled in productivity suck, in the “must be better” drawl, in constantly check email keep up with everything time waste….you need restful, un”productive” mental breaks, they are […]


VPS I’m not sure I ever see the need for small business/entrepreneurs/one man shops to ever have more than shared web hosting for their website [not their web apps, or any custom developed web services] I just mean their information based website. Here’s why… Shared hosting is managed, and you don’t want the overhead of having […]


The Many Websites of an Entrepreneur

I’ve completed over 100 website migrations in the last few years as I’ve built an IT support business for online businesses. I get a privileged intimate look at the registrars of many entrepreneurs, and it’s fun to see how many side projects, hopes, and “one day’s” we entrepreneurs like to have. I personally have […]