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Real life experiences and happening in Lifestyle Design. The people I meet or unexpected happenings in my life designed process.


VPS I’m not sure I ever see the need for small business/entrepreneurs/one man shops to ever have more than shared web hosting for their website [not their web apps, or any custom developed web services] I just mean their information based website. Here’s why… Shared hosting is managed, and you don’t want the overhead of having […]

The Many Websites of an Entrepreneur

I’ve completed over 100 website migrations in the last few years as I’ve built an IT support business for online businesses. I get a privileged intimate look at the registrars of many entrepreneurs, and it’s fun to see how many side projects, hopes, and “one day’s” we entrepreneurs like to have. I personally have […]

Online Business is the new Farming

I’ve discovered notes I wrote to myself one night in 2012 pondering growing a business, and how it’s akin to farming. Apparently I unlocked the keys to online business by relating it to real farming. Who knew! While somewhat comical, it’s actually very relevant, and there are some gems in there! still need real farmers, or be […]

How I Use sniply for Sending More Helpful Links

sniply is a really interesting tool I’ve been using more and more in my business and personal life lately. There’s one specific way I’m using it that I want to share. I’ve found increases interaction, engagement, and ultimately a response of some sort. It’s simply and straight forward. First, what is it? sniply lets you share […]