These aren’t easy, and they take intellectual effort.


What would you do if you had a million dollars?


Review the last 6-12 months what are some thing you couldn't stop thinking about or that kept you up late at night?


Ask 1-2 people, what do I really love to do in your eyes, what really makes me come alive?

Once you have these done however, you’ll have perspective, and that is a powerful thing.

Now pull yourself out of the hole you’re circling about how your life is so far away from those things, and come up with tangible steps to get yourself where you want to be…


if you’re like me and realize life’s actually closer to how you’d like it to be, you’re put in a different state of mind, hopefully one filled with gratitude and thankfulness, not anger and grumpiness, and can find it easier to move forward and enjoy what you do again.

No matter what you do, life can get stale, perspective, on this occur for you can change everything, prompt yourself to change how you view things from time to time.