The LDP examines exactly what it looks like to test popularized “life style designers” like Tim Ferriss (4 Hour Work Week), who have freed themselves from society’s typical view of work to live out enjoyment and freedom everyday.

This doesn’t mean not working, but living differently, thinking differently, using various products, methods, habits, and processes to open up opportunities in life that are typically seen as “not normal” for the average person, like going out of the country regularly, or making $100k doing work online. [both done here by Rob]

Rob attempts to do this with a “normal life” meaning a fairly typical American upbringing and home life scenario…coming from college debt, to marriage, a house, kids, cars, and of course, a dog.

Themes generally include: Defining/Declaring things, Optimization, Automation, Business, Liberation from standards, and Personal posts about life and faith as a Christian. [see menu in footer]

The freedom required to immerse yourself in a new skill, travel often, or follow whatever your passion is highly sought after. Is it real or hype? Can you actually have this freedom? What does that freedom even mean? Join me as I investigate the ways to becoming financially free, “expert”, “CEO”, world traveler, productivity master and all around dream fulfiller. Oh and notes on how it was done.

Things I like

  • Organizing – Cleaning
  • Triathlons – Fitness Challenges
  • Animals – Dobermans
  • Media Centers
  • Technology – Computers – Audio Visual Electronics – Websites
  • Customer Support – Responsiveness
  • Serving
  • IT Arsenal
  • Gaming – RPGs – Stories
  • Car Detailing
  • Home Improvement – Lawn Maintenance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Saving Time, Money, and Effort


Fears: Losing money, losing work, ridicule, no readers, quitting because of lack of progress, exhaustion.

Started with, circa 2008: 19k in school debt, a 9-5 technical support desk job, a busted car and will power like no other.

Rob is often failing forward to find and develop smart ways to live and do work. He’s grown his common interest in online work freelancing into a business at itarsenal.com, a company whose practices are closely recorded here for testing and proof on generating income from something you love or at least enjoy doing.

I’ve failed and succeeded over the years, these are my stories.

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