Live Progress

I breakdown my goals for the year into monthly projects and tasks …from there I employ various methods [covered a plenty on this site] for doing the actual work, which is mostly rehashed ways of re-reading, committing, clearing myself, starting a timer, using a new app or website, playing some music or a muted movie all in order to get into the mind space of just freaking doing the work and getting things done.

I call this document “committed goals”, previously dreamlines, but that stopped being a good fit after the document evolved beyond just dreams. Placing important but not “dream like” projects on a document called “dreamlines” just didn’t fit.

See the current year view below and monthly view below that for my version of what I’m up to /now.

Pardon the crammed view, it’s a ever evolving Google Sheet. Do you have something similar? I’d love to see it and say hello to you!.