2017-02-23 19-35-29

My Facebook Marketing Offer Failed, Don’t use Offers Like This, What to do Instead

A short cautionary tale and learning from my own mistakes. Facebook’s “Create an Offer” feature that includes the ability to add a discount code doesn’t link to your website in anyway, so don’t put a number for total offers available in when using it. I don’t really see a use for this field in tandem with the […]


Business Growth: Act vs. React, Create vs. Respond, Grow vs. Stagnate

Ahhhh business, the ongoing always changing process of exchanging something for another. I’ve been reflecting on this site lately, how it’s molded and grown from the beginning roots of lifestyle design from which it came. It’s certainly taken a long “bend” toward business growth and reflection, as that is the ongoing stage which leads to […]