Triple Your Blog Traffic Notes – Social Triggers Webinar


All credit to | photo credit from Social Triggers on Facebook

I recently jumped on a webinar with Derek from Social Triggers about gaining blog traffic for use in business, these are my notes.

He mixes psychology with online marketing, has a fresh take on things and keeps things interesting, if you haven’t checked him out, he’s worth a look. He’s big into webinars and positioned selling of his coaching programs.

Anyway, this webinar covered [in my opinion] authentic and no nonsense techniques for boosting traffic and I wanted to share my notes to put into practice for gaining traffic. Again, all credit to Derek.

Summary: Swap thinking you need new content every few days with promoting your existing awesome content every few days. Promote your content by getting others to talk about it. Get others to talk about it by sending them a real, earnest e-mail.

The interesting part is that this stuff is what someone might naturally think if they had the mystique of using a computer and the internet to build a business removed. After reviewing it, I thought to myself, “Well yeah, this seems obvious now” even the somewhat reverse “target, appeal, then write” but any smart writer knows to tailor your message to your audience.

You’re not writing a blog for business purposes as a personal outlet, so thinking about your audience FIRST, should be a natural inclination, if not, make it one!


If you’re thinking about starting a blog or website and don’t know where to start with getting the technical pieces in place, check out IT Arsenal for tech support.


Amazing Customer Support


The following is an excerpt from WPEngine newsletter, and it’s brilliant for understanding how to interact with users.

What does “amazing customer support” mean?

What does great support mean, and why is it so important for a managed hosting provider like WP Engine to place so much focus on providing exceptional support to our customers?

The answer is that customer support is one of the best ways for WP Engine to offer the best possible experience for our customers.

Every company has a public face and a private face. The public face is carefully manicured and cultivated to reflect the most positive side of the company. It’s like you going to a family wedding. You’re dressed to the nines. The private face is the customer experience that happens when you call tech support and actually interact with a company. When you get to the heart of an organization, what is it that you find?

Tech support is a reflection is the internal representation of company culture and values. Other than signing up, tech support is the only interaction that many customers will ever have with the company. That means support interactions are a huge opportunity to reinforce the message your company wants to send.

Going the Extra Mile

The message you get from WP Engine should be simple: we love our customers, and we want to go the extra mile for them.

Put another way, the purpose of Tech Support is to make customers fantastic at their jobs.

When you get to the heart of a company, are you afraid you’ll be taken care of, not sure what you’ll get, or confident of your expectations?

I love the line where Jason [the author] notices that other than signing up, the only interaction people usually have, is for support. It’s so true, after the marketing, after paying and signing up, that’s when the real experience kicks in, and that’s what really makes the difference.

The whole job of tech support [or just supporting your users] is to make the user awesome and that is something I can live for.



Productivity Enhancer BetterSnapTool


I’ve known about software that re-sizes your windows for a while.

I thought it silly, a waste of a few dollars, I can re-size my own windows thank you.

I was wrong, they enhance productivity and are useful for business. Try one.

BetterSnapTool is simple software that re-sizes any open window to common functional sizes [such as half, full, or quarter sized] when pulled onto the ends of your screen.

This sounds rather useless when you first hear it, but you don’t realize how often you’re moving files around when you’re working with a business website or project AND how little you use the little plus button for expanding the window on a Mac because you never know how large it’s going to make things.

You may be:

  • Downloading multiple graphic or audio files to use on a sales page
  • Organizing project assets
  • Saving video to watch later
  • Comparing two text documents
  • Moving windows from screen to screen on a multiple screen display

All of these tasks take precisely maneuvered grabbing and re-grabbing of the corners of windows. It only waste seconds yes, and slightly interrupts flow, but the not having to resize windows makes a difference.

I wouldn’t share about it, if it wasn’t useful.

If you spend your day on a computer, give it a try, it’s a small thing, but I think you’ll find it useful too.

Mac: BetterSnapTool

Windows: AeroSnap


Reward $55: Public Accountability #findingmoreflow

Public accountability, I’m going to publish content on the web 3 times per week.

It could be personal, business related, a salespage, a video, doesn’t matter.

Social media posts don’t count.

I’ve posted it, I best follow through now.

Earn $55

If you can find a lapse in posting, and I can’t disprove it, I’ll PayPal you $55, yes you, internet.

The places I’ll likely post are

I do this to keep me accountable, and to make it sting if I stop creating.



“Creating and Talking are the Only Two Things that Matter in Business”


“Marketing and innovation are the only two things that matter in business” – Peter Drucker

I add…

Creating consistent content and interacting in your industry is a prerequisite, which allows you to talk to people, in e-mails, in social media, at events, about what you’re working [get feedback] on and what they want.

You need to constantly be creating, in order to innovate and market.

Ask yourself.

Why do you put this off self? Why do you avoid this, make excuses? Why do you organize, plan, collect data instead of create, and talk?

  1. Creating and talking makes you more vulnerable
  2. Creating and talking takes more singular non multi-tasked focus
  3. Creating and talking fails more
  4. Creating and talking takes creativity
  5. Creating and talking requires interaction
  6. Create and talking is hard work

Creating and talking is more dangerous, but it also

If innovation and marketing are all that matter, you better start creating and talking more.