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….is exactly the type of line i hate to read when followed by some sort of sales offer or e-mail opt in. if you’re going to make a bold statement, be up front about it. [don’t worry, i do]

i no longer bate the hook and give my e-mail address or pay the cheap entry [or large] when i see lines like these unless substantial proof is provided. what about you?

i’m highly suspicious of anyone that sells how to do something, but doesn’t make it blazingly obvious they have done it. [reports, facts, proof]

example: programs exclaiming golden information on how to market your stuff, but no proof they market anything except their teachings on how to market.

example: the one tactic you need to make all your problems go away, inside this forum for $14.99, or for your e-mail address.

show me how you market unrelated x product to x people, then i’ll bite. provide some social proof of your character, then i’ll think about it. tell me the name of the company, product, and provide links you earned 100k with this year, and i’ll begin to trust.

gladly, our economy is changing, and offers like this are dying because of how quickly and easily we can google someones name and see their “quality”.

even still, marketers continue to prey on the less savyy in video marketing and sales pages.

  • to be a coach to women business owners, i’d think you’d have to actually have owned several businesses in which the business function was not coaching women business owners in addition to proven experience working with women.
  • to teach people fitness, i want to see where, when, with whom you made major athletic achievements.
  • if you’re teaching me how to get more views on youtube, i want to see a video you made, not on teaching people how to get views on youtube, that has tons of views on youtube.

most of the time this is pretty obvious, but with such a prevalence of life coaches, feel good sellers, and most abundantly, online marketers, i caution you to shout “proof!” and if you’re one of these providers, to have it ready to show. this leads to more sales not less.

don’t be so willing to give up your e-mail address, or spend a few bucks, once you’re in their funnel, everything points down

this is one reason i love business builders: corbett bar, pat flynn, derek halpern, and greg rollett and anyone that shows some numbers, stats, reports, or stories of what they “used” to accomplish what they are now advising you to do.

you can see the social proof that they are authentic, they respond. pat flynn of smart passive income for example, actually takes a video and walks you through why he loves and how he uses most if not all of the products he affiliates for.

so while the one tactic i used in 2012 to earn 10k was implementing continuity programs, [the lifeline technical help program, and website maintenance and backup program sales shown below] an even better tactic i’m going to always use in my business is showing proof, service, and character up front. the returns on those investments are much higher.

continuity numbers


guard yourself against crossing the line as a marketer, seeing what’s behind the curtain creates more trust, not less to customer, this is the path to more quality sign ups, not less.

learn from those guys mentioned above, and keep on hustling!

what do you think? will you stand with me and be a bit more stubborn with your e-mail address? [i just heard 1000 bad marketers cry]