I have a problem where I think there is more time than there is to do what I want to do – especially when it comes to my work, business projects and goals.

This is a bottleneck to increased productivity and effectiveness and something I need to get much better at.

I am not realistic when it comes to time. Since time is not something I can’t play with subjectively, I better start being realistic.

  • I can’t schedule through lunches, breakfasts and dinners thinking they don’t happen.
  • I can’t schedule as though I have unending energy, in fact, with my workload, I am often useless after 8pm for anything constructive.
  • I can pretend I will do new and complex tasks with speed and to the level I expect.

😯  – realization sets in

  • I can scope out time on my calendar to be more realistic, marking off realistic times for human function, and be better about how long things take.
  • I can hire people to do the things that will take me too long or that if I want to increase productivity, should be hiring out instead of continuing to try and do everything.
  • I can say no more often, and schedule further into the future.

Ambition is great but unrealistic expectations planted on a calendar is not and leads to repeated disappointment with the day’s work [this feels familiar].

Be realistic, don’t be your own bottleneck.