Scratched together from my notes while traveling…
buy aloe plant for home, they look nice in Airbnbs
who are the people in black around Porto?
women are dressed forwardly
traveling is exhausting – no time for extras cause you always want a nap
i should bring a blanket around and book, relax while going everywhere
journal more, stretch more [funny these also at home!]
how does a cistern work?
maria, empty your phone
sort photos!!
I almost always like to make things a little more difficult then they have to be, so i can feel accomplishment
today maria taught me what a club sandwich is, one with two kinds of meat, I had no idea and thought it was cause it was stacked together in triangles
portuguese sounds like russian
get up early, need to do it arsenal work
I should play more with maria – any type of play, games, catch, whatever
marias driving makes me uncomfortable
this town is incredibly modern
i have not at all stuck to the workout/devotion routine i wanted to
app idea, open the microphone automatically for 5 seconds after you take a photo to say what you want to label the photo to save time later – exports albums to facebook, or saves with labels to photos on mac
if I was a woman, I’d get so annoyed at the “it’s buried in this bag somewhere” issue
I’d like to make it habit to smile at people, to spread cheer for the most part
the jason bourne movies have great fight scenes, i bet there’s a story/research behind them
it’s great to be able to make money anywhere in the world, thank you my clients and customers, koelle, tara, ben, alyssa, torie, jane
i love watching media streaming from my home half a world away : )
lagos, portugal’s florida
I see people with their cameras and sometimes through their display the shots they take, they stink, the iphone6 camera really is exceptional
the IT band I bought really makes a difference for me on steps and hikes
I’ve turned into regie, I want to pet every animal I see while traveling
how do you travel with bigger dogs? I never see them at airports
learn meters conversions and celsius
it’s weird walking through grandiose churches with golden depictions of Jesus and his family, I feel like the Jesus I know might chuckle at them
Lisbon, portugals san fransico