No not wear less clothing silly!

I think our wardrobe is likely where we have a massive amount of wasted space and material belongings in our life, you rarely, maybe a few times a year wear most of your clothes, but likely wear the same 20 items over and over, a small subset of the whole.

I’m reminded of this as I do another scheduled monthly minimize and inventory session and see how many t-shirts I haven’t worn in 6 months!

Next time you look at your clothes, consider giving some away to this charity [below] or the Salvation Army. It’s a challenge I think you’ll benefit from by actually looking at all the clothes you own, and shaking your assumptions on what you actually use.

Throw out 50 things, and then reward yourself by buying something new you’ll actually wear in that core subset! You’ll save space, find some old gems, and help someone less fortunate. All good things right?

[this likely applies to men or “the less fashionable” more than women or “theĀ  fashionable” although I argue you can be fashionable with few items, my wife has correctly pointed out, she may where only a few outfits or items a few times a year, but they are perfectly fitted for those times, where I may be wearing another black t-shirt.

the general cost of one of my “outfits” is considerably less, so buying an outfit if absolutely needed for an occasion is much less of a todo…still while being conscious of that argument, get rid of some stuff!]