Is your brain ever in a different place than your body? Mine is. I am constantly somewhere else.

When I sit down to work at my 9-5, I’m thinking about my own business.

When I’m cleaning my house I’m thinking about working out.

When I’m watching TV I’m thinking about a game I want to play.

When I’m with Maria I am outside mowing the lawn.

When I’m writing this post, I’m thinking about my calendar.

Even when I continue to push ahead on what I’m trying to do physically in the moment, having background brain processes running, or “not being all there” takes a massive tole on productivity and getting anything done. It makes you easily distracted, less creative, less aware. Around others, you appear aloof, and disrespectful.

It’s natural for this to happen, but it’s not a good thing.

It provides this sense you’re moving an inch in 100 directions instead of a mile in one. It’s stunting, and when days accrue being constantly somewhere else, it’s exhausting.

Stop being somewhere else, bring your focus, your intentionality, your whole self to what you’re doing.

Be where you are, soak in the moments, this is completely in your control.


  • listen to music
  • set a timer
  • say what you’re going to do out loud [tell someone else]
  • picture what you’re going to do in your head
  • take a deep breath