The stereotypical grade school question comes to mind when I think of dreamlines. If you could be anything when you grow up, what would it be? Only instead the context here is, if you had a million dollars in the bank, or you knew you were more capable than anyone else, what would you do? My gut instinct was to say, well duh, I’d buy a Viper GTS, and lounge around all day but would I really? Sitting down to think of it, I realized I wouldn’t do anything of the sort.

Actions: Write out what fulfilling your dreams would really look like on a 6 month time line. Take four steps a day for three days toward achieving them. Cut out un-enriching monthly expenses.

Goal: Open your mind to what your dreams look like in reality and on paper.

The point of creating a dreamline is to first, wrap your head around actually pursuing your dreams and secondly to examine exactly how much money it would cost, monthly, and daily to live them out. The results are pretty interesting when you write them down on paper. I certainly can’t live out my dreams on my current income, but I see how it could be possible if I created a few successful sources of monthly income. (a topic I know we’re going to take our time with in the coming weeks)

Creating a dreamline at first seems like a silly exercise, but after doing it, and especially after laying it out on a calendar, it has proved it’s usefulness. The plausibility may seem absurd, but now I have goals. Dreamgoals. There’s a 50 year old saying turned “Law” that states “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” (Parkinsons Law) So if the theory holds true, just putting down the dreams (including cost) on a calendar, will push me to achieve them sooner than if they are loosely floating around in my head.  So here are my dreamlines.


Robert Dreamline Worksheet


  • Completed above exercise. Then went back and redid it.
  • Put events on Calendar (try google calendar)
  • Examined monthly expenses (Cut out…
  • Steps taken day one.
  • looked up a stunt driving program to pull a 180 in
  • found speed reading product with reviews unlike the px-method (breakthrough rapid reading)
  • put times on calendar to achieve these
  • find a place that teaches keet kune do (found multiple people looking for classes in philly and nj based training)
  • Steps taken day two.
  • tried to contact tim ferriss, had a delightful three e-mail back and forth with amy
  • looked up flights to china, roughly $1500. then looked up world travel tickets and found a trip from West Coast-Beijing-Shanghai-Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur- Los Angeles for $1499.
  • contacted three dojo’s, might get a web design gig out of it
  • read about successful blog tips for traffic (ie. you!)
  • Steps taken day three.
  • started measuring my reading speeds and recording other actions
  • updated blog with simple tips, actually getting hits
  • re-branded online image during this testing


  • Realized my dreams aren’t unreasonable
  • Developed genuine interest in pursuing some awesome goals
  • Understood I couldn’t do all of these if I worked 40 hours a week.
  • I actually took steps toward doing them and now see myself completing them.

Try and let us know what you get out of it.