A note I sent to my pastor on how I found similarities between being child like, as mentioned in the Bible, and the concept of beginners mind.

I wanted to share with you a thought that popped up while listening to the sermon on Sunday. I’ve heard the phrase or concept “child-like” many many times. I understood it wasn’t an slight, it didn’t mean be dumb, but to be vulnerable, curious, energetic.

Another thought jumped into my brain, from a Chinese practice, called “Beginners Mind” that I learned about recently.

I related to getting before God with a beginners mind, open, eager, curious instead of hardened, skeptical, “practiced” … and I was able to see the similarities in being child-like, it opened up a way to be before God in a new way for me where I think I had been inoculated from hearing “child-like” so many times growing up.

That was it, just a passing thought, great sermon brother.