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Today’s post is on the wisdom of others in the area’s of time management, monetizing your website, traffic, getting started, and being better. I’m passing on the gems I’ve found from the last week of reading, conversation, and online business building. These things stand out for effectiveness. Business updates very soon, lot’s to explain.

Time Management Boost

Want an effective time management tool?

Create a “Stop Doing Now” list, print it out and pin it up. Much more effecting than a todo list. Here’s mine.

  • not getting 7 hours of sleep
  • leaving e-mail open, just cause i can
  • working on things that don’t impact sales or deliverables (for IT Arsenal)
  • ignoring the necessity to just sit still and reflect on a regular basis
  • having more than 3 windows/tabs open
  • slouching (literally), it kills your back
  • thinking too much, and acting too little
  • being unexcited about everything

credit: Chris Guillebeau

Getting Started

  • If blogging, try selling just a course, or ebook first to keep your mind focused on business output (Ramit Sethi)
  • Be different, how? Voice, style, model. What’s your thing? (Ramit Sethi)
  • Try to offer someone something in every interaction, the smallest thing to offer, something you wrote on topic, or a related link to help (Ramit Sethi)
  • Start a newsletter right away, no questions asked. Even if you don’t have content for months down the line. Offer a specific download or promise (Ramit Sethi)
  • Be genuine with people, but strategic (Matt Garland)
  • Build alliances with people (Matt Garland)
  • Don’t compare yourself, there’s no point (Matt Garland)
  • Develop a backlog of content so pieces have continuity (Matt Garland)

Generating Traffic

  • Tell the right people about your product and site, NOT everyone (Ramit Sethi)
  • Early on, spend a majority of your time connecting, thats it (Ramit Sethi)
  • People like series, or timed content (Ramit Sethi)
  • Be aware of your content, don’t train audience not to buy. (IE, start a website on being frugal) (Ramit Sethi)


  • Consult first, then create a course of product (Matt Garland)
  • Trigger: It’s time to create something if people are e-mailing you asking for more (Ramit Sethi)
  • Tactic: “Don’t buy if….” for sales (Ramit Sethi)
  • Price is more than price, it infers expectations. If you’re cheap, people think you’re product is cheap, and not in a good way (Ramit Sethi)
  • Fill a need as low on Maslow’s Hierarchy as you can, base needs, social needs, psycholical (M6 Method)
  • Passive income is fake, front loaded work hard and have it pay off repeatedly is the reality (Ramit Sethi)

Online business updates are coming soon. A lot of good changes have happened, including altering my model to finally address one very specific need (at a time), receiving three sales before anything was even publicly announced, and finally feeling the business presence that was missing. What changed, actions I’m taking now, and how it happened in the next report. Yeeha.

I’m interested, if you took a quick inventory now, what would be on your “Stop Doing Now” list?