I’ve been thinking about my relationship with God a good amount lately. This is a good thing as it’s something I neglect for periods of time and when I come back to recognizing my creator regularly I’m almost always given a peace about the chaos I get myself into in life.

The chaos is usually (and thankfully) in my head, about online business, relationships, and my “do it all” worries which all seem inconsequential when I realize non of it matters as much as my soul, and my state of being.

All the free time and riches in the world do nothing if you aren’t in a place to be truly content.

“True contentment is not dependent on anything in this physical world.”

Now there’s something big to be said about getting your physical world in order and how it impacts your mind and spirit, but it remains that the mind and spirit are where you’ll find final freedom.

I suppose you could just surmise a state of being is all in your head, which is fair, but my faith is pretty foundational to my state of being.

The cool thing is, it’s about a relationship with yourself, and with this phenomenon called God and that can’t be stripped from you, it’s in your total control.

I just finished a great book looking at the life of Christ, and how much he was actually against what most people would categorize as religion today and very much about relationship. Real down to earth, joke with you, catch you off guard, hug you, wrestle with you relationship. I love that this type of relationship is available to us, with God, with our friends, in our heads.

This post is to reflect on that and that I almost always find a strong sense of contentment, or an accessibility to contentment when I pay attention to this upward relationship. More so when I have the physical elements in my life lined up, but the reverse is not always true, I can at times have my appointments scheduled, everything organized in my life, but I’m just “out of whack” inside.

The book was a rejuvenating, refreshing, free-ing read. It was called Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldridge.

Below are a few captures of the book, something sharp i found on a website about church, and a well done video about religion vs relationship.


IMG 0738

IMG 0737

IMG 0735

Found this on Facebook and an online buddies website, with a great reflective post of his own. http://www.lifewithoutpants.com/life/finding-faith/