starting a blog can do wonderful things IF you make an effort. this project has sparked more inspiration, challenge, business and progress then i ever thought it would.

let that be a note to those on the edge to go ahead and give it a try.

along the way i’ve received notes of inspiration on how this blog has really helped people on their own journey (yes this one, i’m just as surprised). i’ve linked up with people i’d call my friends, and built some great symbiotic relationships as well as continue to charge on with my goals for life fulfillment.

you really need to start paying attention to this “internet economy”.

one of those relationships is that of and Carl Schooff who i’d like to introduce you to today. he gave an element of this crazy life design, entrepreneur, start building your own content “thing” a try and has had awesome results. i’m proud to share how he’s made his progress. he’s been a commenter on the blog, we’ve shared a few conversations and i’m really psyched to finally write about him.

about a month or so ago he shared with me some preliminary results about the site he had started where he merely posted how-to material and information on his trade and passion, which is building flash animations and utilizing intelligent code and tools for the process.

he was skeptical at first, but gave it a try and found how real and doable building your own content and benefiting from it can be.

you can succeed doing what you love.

i don’t know a thing about flash but his report is inspiring, and the results just make me smile when thinking about how we’re moving into a new economy, one where we are are all content producers, and have a limitless potential, if we’ll only dare to challenge our fears and time wasting habits.

carl is just like you by the way, (and me) he’s busy (just had a child, congrats!), and doesn’t know exactly how it’s all going to work out, perhaps doubtful at times but trying was his first step to finding success.

what are you holding back from trying today?

i’m insanely honored that he attributes some of his inspiration to this blog and myself, and i want nothing more but to see him succeed.

the snorkl report, how carl found success

interested in a breakdown of how started and now receives thousands of websites hits from over 90 countries? give the video below a view, or check out his report directly at his blog, along with his how-to flash animation advice on topics such as….


he knows his stuff, and if you’re out there looking for flash information, get in touch with him.

want to share your story? get in touch! i’d be glad to hear about it.