I finally had a minute to sit down and read the latest e-mail i received from the m6 method guys and what they are producing. i mean this in the nicest way, these guys are retarded.

i can’t believe the quality of the information they release, or how they are able to hit the nail on the head so well with their information. i read it, and seriously said, “wow, these guys are retarded”…while that is probably the most uneducated, improper, un-intelligent usage of the term…i never the less said it, out-loud, to which my fiance then asked “what?” and i then looked literally retarded as i explained.

i’ve been working on a post to explain all about their main product (m6 method), and actually go out and chill with these guys as they live near my home town, a few miles outside philadelphia. they are the real deal. while i still plan to do that, after reading this latest e-mail, i had to get something out there.

i’m not going to screw with you, below is almost a verbatim suggested e-mail swipe letter they sent out. it’s so good, i really have no reason to touch it. (take some notes, it’s well written)

their latest offering is over the should style video’s that show you how to create a digital product the RIGHT way. the first one focuses on taking expertise and turning it into product.

i know personally this is a lot of you, and it’s also myself right now. we all look inward at first when developing our first few products, what are we good at?, what can we explain and package up?, these videos breakdown how to take that and package it up well enough to sell it.

no more words from me, check it out.


How to transform your expertise into a profitable product



I’m going to share a link with today because frankly, you’re about
to see something I’d have killed for when I started online. (no joke)

My friends David & Derek over at M6 Method have started filming
over-the-shoulder style videos on creating online ‘information
products’. They call it ‘M6 Sessions’. (I can actually say this literally as I’ve hung out with David on more than one occasion, one time at aWeber’s headquarters for chris guillebeau’s book tour)

See Here for the Sessions.

In M6 Sessions David & Derek explain, all the things you should
be doing to create a product – the right way.

It’s like “reality TV” for product creation – except this will make
you smarter, not dumber, for watching it.

Learning “over the shoulder” style is one of the fastest, smartest
ways to replicate what works, and grasp ‘why’.

They’re giving you a way to watch and model their process (the m6 method, which i’ve mentioned a bunch and use myself), using real-world examples from inside their publishing company.

  • The first session is titled: “Transforming Expertise Into Products”.
  • This is going to help any of you who have specialized knowledge, dying to create your own information product around it.
  • For those without valuable expertise, you’ll learn how you can work/partner with  an expert to create a product.

You can “publish” an expert. If you’re the expert, you’re just
“publishing yourself”. It’s the same process.

Registration is open for just a few days so go enroll for the first
one if you want to check it out:

See Here for the Sessions.

If nothing else, use the above as a good template for how to write a solid marketing e-mail.