All credit to | photo credit from Social Triggers on Facebook

I recently jumped on a webinar with Derek from Social Triggers about gaining blog traffic for use in business, these are my notes.

He mixes psychology with online marketing, has a fresh take on things and keeps things interesting, if you haven’t checked him out, he’s worth a look. He’s big into webinars and positioned selling of his coaching programs.

Anyway, this webinar covered [in my opinion] authentic and no nonsense techniques for boosting traffic and I wanted to share my notes to put into practice for gaining traffic. Again, all credit to Derek.

Summary: Swap thinking you need new content every few days with promoting your existing awesome content every few days. Promote your content by getting others to talk about it. Get others to talk about it by sending them a real, earnest e-mail.

The interesting part is that this stuff is what someone might naturally think if they had the mystique of using a computer and the internet to build a business removed. After reviewing it, I thought to myself, “Well yeah, this seems obvious now” even the somewhat reverse “target, appeal, then write” but any smart writer knows to tailor your message to your audience.

You’re not writing a blog for business purposes as a personal outlet, so thinking about your audience FIRST, should be a natural inclination, if not, make it one!


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