You’ve seen it before, heralded most likely, outsource! Outsource it all when it comes to running your online business. Well, that’s not true until you realize this one thing.

You shouldn’t outsource something you know nothing about.

You can hire someone to complete a task or project when you have a good grasp on the subject matter, otherwise you’re only going to be answering questions every few hours and frustrated by the consistent communication required by the person you’ve outsourced to.

I’ve experienced it myself while managing IT Arsenal and see it all too commonly shared to hire people for what you’re not passionate about, or not the best at, but without the context of having “worn that hat” before, I think the advice is flawed.

You have to know that WordPress updates can go wrong, to know to hire people to handle them, you have to write a few blog posts over a few months to know that editing, formatting, and publishing takes time and skill, you have to understand,  you have to know where the code lives, and how hosting works, in order to become a thinker, not a doer. You have to know the general process behind seeding for new grass to know a landscaper is doing what they should, you have to know your problem.

Before you give up on the idea, it’s not about knowing everything, or getting bogged down in the details, it’s more about knowing enough to be efficient in the process of getting something done through someone else.

How can you know enough? Care enough to do some research and try it yourself, go through the process and ask someone who has done what you’re asking before to explain what’s involved.


So…you shouldn’t outsource or hire out work in your business, until you have a clear understanding of what you’re outsourcing, you’ll save money and get more done.



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