I like technology, I like remote controls.

I have this idea for this service / product that let’s you build your perfect remote, maybe from 5-10 hardware templates, place all the buttons, choose colors….ahhh

It would be awesome.

Anyway, I’m always on the hunt for the best remote.

I thought Simple Control might finally be the answer, but unfortunately after a big time sink, and around $200, it was a not workable. A convoluted mess. It was fun to control things with my iPhone and iPad but too cumbersome and as much as I wanted my iPad to be the ultimate controller there’s too many habits and patterns built into using an iPad, and unlocking the device just to use it as a remote, blah blah, it didn’t work.

It was cool, the concept seems great, just doesn’t hold up in practice.

So my hope turns to the smart remote by sevenhugs. I jumped in early on the kickstarter and have been watching it, it emphases simplicity, which I like.

We’ll see, I’m a sucker for remotes…the unfolding remote control saga continues…