This site has been dormant, but I have made plans to change that.

Life is busy,  but this isn’t news to anyone…anywhere. The development of IT Arsenal, being a home owner, and some physical [knee] ailments have drawn my attention elsewhere than my chronicling making life work well, and building an online business over the last year. I’m happy to report my online business is thriving, I’ve gotten a handle on being a type A perfectionist in conjunction with being a home owner, and my knee issues are mending.

Life brings seasons and I feel I’m moving into one of growth and creation, which means more sharing with you.

Stay tuned for regular updates, progress reports on online business creation, and life/house efficiency hacking while living a real life [things like a house, wife, job, dog, hobbies included, vs living remotely, or as a strict minimalist, which there’s nothing wrong with!].

As always, I promise to be real, provide the detail, and tell you how it is, if you’re new, or haven’t stopped by in a while [I don’t blame you] … join me!

Also, check out this new website theme, and new tagline, so fresh!

“Reporting on making life work well, while building an online business”

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