I’ve been working on a side project journal app / website very very slowly, for almost a year now.

I love how useful it’s become to me, and a few friends. The site grew out of an old physical journal I had, a commitment to reflect more, and to be happy instead of always trying to be better.

It uses pointed questions, and short answers to guide your mind to productivity and happiness. It’s also sort of an anti-journal in the sense that it’s only meant to take 5 minutes and not go on for pages, even though there’s an option for that.

In terms of technology, I got the chance to use a few new [to me] pieces of software, shown below:

I now have 113 posts as of today, and I consistently find the process incredibly helpful, likely something that will stick with me throughout life now, where before this, I’ll be honest, I had zero interest in journaling and never stuck with it and I’ve tried in the past [Evernote, Day One, pen and paper, 750words.com].

It needs a ton more work to be some sort of viable product web service app which may or may not ever happen, but right now, I just plain appreciate it.

I hope others will too.