I’ve known about software that re-sizes your windows for a while.

I thought it silly, a waste of a few dollars, I can re-size my own windows thank you.

I was wrong, they enhance productivity and are useful for business. Try one.

BetterSnapTool is simple software that re-sizes any open window to common functional sizes [such as half, full, or quarter sized] when pulled onto the ends of your screen.

This sounds rather useless when you first hear it, but you don’t realize how often you’re moving files around when you’re working with a business website or project AND how little you use the little plus button for expanding the window on a Mac because you never know how large it’s going to make things.

You may be:

  • Downloading multiple graphic or audio files to use on a sales page
  • Organizing project assets
  • Saving video to watch later
  • Comparing two text documents
  • Moving windows from screen to screen on a multiple screen display

All of these tasks take precisely maneuvered grabbing and re-grabbing of the corners of windows. It only waste seconds yes, and slightly interrupts flow, but the not having to resize windows makes a difference.

I wouldn’t share about it, if it wasn’t useful.

If you spend your day on a computer, give it a try, it’s a small thing, but I think you’ll find it useful too.

Mac: BetterSnapTool

Windows: AeroSnap