I had an idea for a website, to report on/interview specific entrepreneurs who are making a living in interesting ways, only available to us in our internet age of entrepreneurship.


However this idea never reached lift off, and it’s come here to lie.

Steve Jobs said something like innovation is saying no to a thousand things, and that can apply to making progress too. We have to say no to a lot of ideas to make progress on others.

Goodbye Entrepreneurship of Everything, your domain has expired, but your memory lives on in the stories that could have been.

Example Post that WOULD have, could have been on the site

This man sings video game acapella arrangements for over *$100k a year, they are pretty darn mesmerizing, even to the non gamer.

Looking at his supporters you can see he makes $1,514 per video using a website called Patreon. Woah.

If you look back at his YouTube releases over the years, you can make estimates that put him well over $100,000 if he continues to make videos at his current rate.

Not bad, and only the entrepreneurship of everything and our internet age could enable this amazing person to do what he does by bringing other amazing video game music acapella fans together in fandom.

…but does he even do this for money?

…does he make a full time income from this?

…how did he discover his love for this?

*this doesn’t include ads on youtube

I guess we’ll never know, at least not for now, perhaps this idea will come back to life, but for now it remains a curiosity and excites me to hear when others are living out the entrepreneurship of everything.

PS. I could have highlighted the other case study I was considering, how a farmer is capturing cow farts and making a product out of it 🐮


Have a story that fits?, please share it in the comments, I’d love to hear about it.