“Marketing and innovation are the only two things that matter in business” – Peter Drucker

I add…

Creating consistent content and interacting in your industry is a prerequisite, which allows you to talk to people, in e-mails, in social media, at events, about what you’re working [get feedback] on and what they want.

You need to constantly be creating, in order to innovate and market.

Ask yourself.

Why do you put this off self? Why do you avoid this, make excuses? Why do you organize, plan, collect data instead of create, and talk?

  1. Creating and talking makes you more vulnerable
  2. Creating and talking takes more singular non multi-tasked focus
  3. Creating and talking fails more
  4. Creating and talking takes creativity
  5. Creating and talking requires interaction
  6. Create and talking is hard work

Creating and talking is more dangerous, but it also

If innovation and marketing are all that matter, you better start creating and talking more.