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Creating income with Muses, Freedom Businesses and easily managed businesses. Using process design for creating products or services that can be managed through a mobile lifestyle with minimal hours. Automating Income.

noah says please don't share

Please Don’t Share

I’ve been working through an e-mail marketing enhancement program from Noah Kagan and It’s been useful, particularly the closed Facebook group, and solid e-mail marketing tactics, tips, and experience. I was struck by his last e-mail, and how he signed off, and how he’s protected his incredibly valuable information throughout the entire course. “Please Don’t […]


Persuasion Tactics [short and applicable version]

This is more or less a re-post of but with my comments and formatting for future use, life and business applicable for communicating, but the short hand “quick learn” version. Use for good, knowing how to sway someones mind is no small thing. Presentation Be straight, smile, palms forward Relax Do not talk while […]