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Creating income with Muses, Freedom Businesses and easily managed businesses. Using process design for creating products or services that can be managed through a mobile lifestyle with minimal hours. Automating Income.

Journal Entry: Paralyzed

note: i wrote the below as a journal entry to and after reading it thought others could find it valuable, and or commiserate with the thought process and tactics i’m paralyzed. what to do with the business [IT Arsenal] next is not clear. this is starting to disrupt me. i don’t know whether to […]

TF (Tim Ferriss) on Muses and Side Businesses/Entrepreneurship 2012 [Notes]

Notes distilled from, Tim Ferriss On How To Start Your Million Dollar Side Business [2012 Fast Company article/video]   TF – there’s a broad spectrum between entrepreneur and employee, and i encourage people to slowly methodically move from one to the other, and at the end you can still keep your job and have awesome […]