One of my favorite things about travel are the inherent boundaries on the books, work, and experience you can have in the day in day out.

Going somewhere unfamiliar, far away, and with some timely travel practically force productivity in many ways.

Compared to the regular routine of home life where all the comforts and flexibility create and an environment where anything can happen…and where doing nothing often does, travel is inherent with momentum, usually for relaxing but not always, and the methods can be used without travel.

It’s similar to the business mantra about being really specific with your target market and product features, because something that is for everyone, is often for no one.

It also reminds me that constraints breed creativity, tie someone’s hand behind their back and their methods for doing everything changes, similarly, put someone in a flying box with crummy internet and no mobility and suddenly reading 100 pages and developing a product map is feasible, easy even.

You can put similar boundaries on yourself without traveling, go to the library, set a timer, put headphones on, put the dog outside, [and get something done before you have to let him in!] make up constraints and commit. Fence yourself in, to produce results.