ResourcesWordle (Useful tagclouds)

As mentioned in my recap post, it’s time to get back to the roots of this project. Life designing, and notes on how it’s done.

Below are some things you can expect as I move away from spending too much time on formatting, popular topics and un-actionable heady conversations and into straight up reporting on resources, notes on actions, and reflection on the results of life changes during the phase or on the topic presented.

We’re mostly wrestling with online business right now, with occasional diversions into other elements of lifestyle design.


A Format

  • Resources used or mentioned in the post linked at the top
  • Notes on actions and reflections in the middle
  • Dreamline and goal reports with specific deliverables near the end

Todays resource is a bit random but useful and demonstrates format. Wordle is a great tool to reflect on what you’re content is about as a whole. It can be used for blog research as well and is very flexible. Use on reflective posts or updates like this one.

  • More frequent updates (bi-weekly?), and likely more personal, which means there might be a bit more text. I’ve accepted this is my style.
  • Lots of lowercase letters, spelling errors, and run on sentences. Action and recording it is more important than grammar here. Consider these my gift to you.

I’m going to try to stay away from the “I’m struggling heady” type posts that have leaked in, and posts that are more like reactions to what I see in the blogosphere and twitterverse (can’t believe I just used those words). From the about page “The end goal? Freedom to live out dreams and notes on exactly how it was done.

I have a few posts worth of notes back logged, so updates are in the pipeline on what I’ve been doing to develop my online business; the turning of expertise into packages products, the system involved to make said products available, crafting the business persona in website changes, and all the glue in between! You’ve been warned!