funnel and grow

There are lots of ways, aka, channels to talk to your audience, to funnel them around, I’m considering a next phase for IT Arsenal growth going forward.

The first audience channel was definitely a hustle and sell model, or what I’d maybe call, help and charge, but through trial and error common threads of what online entrepreneurs constantly need support with [in the tech world] became clear. Services became clear, I fumbled my way to the audience I love, [life coaches and small teams] the services that sell, and a minimum viable set of products and people. It’s been like this for years and it’s worked, but only to a certain point.

There’s so much potential that feels so close to achievable.

This revised channel work is based  around refreshed digital products so I don’t spend all my effort on providing services alone, which scale poorly. I’m going to need a few good contractors/outsource providers and do much more creating for this, likely early in the morning or late into the night, a lot of creativity and focus will be required.

Exciting, but difficult, more time intensive, “dangerous” … but the time has come. IT Arsenal has gone far in it’s current state but needs to evolve.

IT Arsenal has helped tens, likely hundreds of people and businesses with their websites and the technology involved.

We’ve taken trips, paid off loans, bought things we wouldn’t buy with IT Arsena’s lifestyle business profits. It’s been validated again and again.

It’s time try being more helpful to more people and see what happens, to resonate even more with a specific audience, with more useful creations, to do business better, to try new things, to stop doing old things.

I’ll likely fail a whole lot, I have no idea where the time and energy will come from, but that’s how I feel about a lot of things.


Audience Channels

1. HUSTLE & SELL <- current mode of operation, and has worked well, including a built up audience that refers me often






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Audience Planning

…note to self you’re short on time, day job, fathering, you have a tendency to over manage work and trouble focusing, be conscious of that.

Clean up where you’ve been sloppy in your service providing

Build your email list – Build Your Email List: The First 10k Subscribers and Beyond

  • Recycle last months e-mail on the blog so content keeps moving on site, publish one Q&A a month
  • Continue to interact and dive into creating content, continue to find a reliable contractor to help

Podcast, test the waters, might be useless, once a month for 12 months, interview people on what tech they use in their business, what works, what doesn’t work well, answer the questions they have

When is it time to re-evaluate?

What is the useful IT Arsenal service or product I can draw back to on the podcast?

Product Planning

Services first, then information products [they take so much time], then software apps [web apps, OS apps]. Primary channel now = services.

Complete all service sales pages. [done]

Think through streamline process of forms and on-boarding.

List and build complimentary digital products to current services.

As opportunity and fun strikes, build complimentary things and tools, ie. menu bar apps, web apps, etc.

Service can be considered product if, it can be streamlined to the point that I personally have to take no action beyond approval for it to be done. [ie. form -> payment -> contractor does work-> gets approved -> delivered]


Thanks to for the roadmap and prompted thought process…