gmail_addonsI recently left using Mailplane as my e-mail application, and moved backed to using the Chrome web browser, there’s just too many valuable add-ons for productivity, optimization, and business use. I love Mailplane, I just want more out of my email.

Disclaimer: There’s so many addons for Gmail, and everyone manages and even uses e-mail just a bit differently, so all the features of these add-ons aren’t always useful to everyone. 

I’m an organized inbox zero, batch response, filter my e-mail into folders/labels type, and I’ve found these to be incredibly useful.

I’ve bundled configuring and setting up many of these into a service I created through IT Arsenal called Gmail Unifier which I think a lot of people would like but people also battle with their e-mail and are overwhelmed by it. – insights from social networks on your e-mail recipients

Boomerang – bring back messages to your inbox if no one responds
Chrome, Safari, Mailplane

Ref – reference people with the @ inside of e-mail, like Twitter and Facebook
Chrome, Firefox – track when your e-mails get opened

Stripe for Gmail – information on a user when their email address exists in your account

UglyEmail – know when someone is tracking when you open an email

Gmail Meter – insights about your e-mail habits