Since I didn’t do a review last year, I wanted to get ahead of the game to recap 2016, it seemed appropriate, faster and easier to do it in video.

Here we review my “committed goals” sheet, which is an adaptation from Tim Ferriss’s “Dreamlines” document circa 4 Hour Work Week. I talk through I set out to do, what happened, didn’t happen and touch on what might be carried forward into 2017.

Special guest, peanut, who is also on my committed goals! 👼🏼 😀

I’m looking forward to 2017. I think looking forward in general fills me with hope, and potential, and ambition so I’m not surprised. I’m excited.

I haven’t filled up my committed goals planning sheet for 2017 yet, but I have a brainstorming document going, and thoroughly read a few planning posts, such as “The End of Year Review and Planning Process Every Small Business and Online Entrepreneur Should Follow“.

It’s clear with my side hustle that I need to set some more metrics and track by them if I want to continue growth there, and continue to simplify if I’m going to be able to deliver with the limited nights, weekends, early mornings I have. Also I keep saying I want to make an app or a podcast, but producing content is just really difficult if you don’t have half days to commit.

I’m also going to have to just “deal” with more chaos and interruptions, the stuff that comes with having a baby, and be happy about it. Life is a dance, and the only option is to enjoy it with a child.

I’m happy with where my home is at, I like thinking of it as home base, there will still be projects but much less so than last year, looking back wow, major front yard path stone work, huge bay window, carpet, painting, a powder room…a lot of ground taken and worth celebrating.

Other things kicking around for committing to

  • habit – floss
  • habit – stretch feet
  • peaceful – stare at yourself in the mirror, for a timed session, just be, see what happens
  • better posture
  • epic meals?
  • family trip outside the country
  • is it time for another olympic triathlon or something other?
  • trips? with?
  • have a party?
  • how can be conscious and purposeful of being a great parent?
  • get uncomfortable doing
  • can i totally surprise and impress my wife somehow?
  • how can i give to my community?
  • having a teacher / coach enforces you keep up with whatever you’re pursuing, accountability plus advice – consider a business coach, utilize fizzle better
  • house goals, plan for kitchen, basement gym
  • ITA strategize breakthrough in providing value, increasing revenue, making a dent for people
    • what metrics will i track this year?
    • newsletter subscribers? website traffic? specific sales? use a dashboard for performance metrics
    • ITA complete service shift idea
      • give all lesser services away in order to build relationship, then sell lifeline or maintenance, target increasing subscriptions to service, and build processes for keeping users satisfied and checked in on – life coaches don’t know where to go or what to call it issues, so getting in the door proactively is key – talk this over with cath, or another life coach to see what they think?